Institutional and Governmental Facilities

Institutional and Governmental Industrial Natural Gas Supplier

Colonial Energy’s services for Institutional and Governmental Customers are tailored and customized to meet the specific needs of each individual entity.

We have a proven track record serving complex and demanding institutional customers - Colleges universities, secondary schools, health care facilities, military installations, office campuses - whose constituents rely upon them for everything from life support services and national security to comfortable working environments.

Because institutional customers value both supply reliability and cost savings, they benefit from our geographically diversified supplier and producer base, our in-house utility tariff  expertise, our Budget-Certain and commodity hedging  services, our 4 BCF of natural gas storage capacity in five geographically diverse facilities, and our ability to listen to and understand our clients needs.

Colonial Energy's specialty is providing gas supplies and services to Natural Gas Utilities, Power Generators, Industrial Plants, Governments, Hospitals, Universities and large office complexes. We provide excellent service to our customers in many ways, some are listed below:

Term and Daily pricing – Inside FERC, Gas Daily, and NYMEX based pricing

Dedicated Account Service and Customer Care personnel available 24-7

Daily and Monthly balance monitoring

Customized billing and reporting options

Utility tariff analysis and client education

Budget-Certain program designed to work with institution’s budget production schedule to target and meet 12, 24, and 36 month budget targets.